Why Lonely Married Women are Looking for Fun?

Women specially married ones suffer a lot from loneliness even though they are working and have a family. This feeling creeps up due to various reasons and as a reason lots of lonely married women are looking for excitement outside the traditional rules of their marriage. Loneliness is one of the reasons which lead a woman to cheat on his husband with another guy.

Lonely married women cheating – Top Four Reasons

The rise in the rate of married women having affairs has increased considerably due to various causes. The significance of cheating and having an affair for married women differs from one woman to another. The reason of cheating on her spouse from one woman may not be the same for another woman.
Some women cheats so as to have some fun outside their ordinary boring life while another group of women cheat to find love which they do not receive from their husbands anymore. Another class of lonely married women cheat for sex while the rest go on with having affairs as they want to boost up their self-esteem and gain back their ego.
There is one more class of women, and they fall under the forever-unfaithful category. No matter how much money they have or how much their husbands love and care about them, these married women looking for fun are tuned to be disloyal and adulterous. You can never make them happy or satisfy them as they cannot stay with one person for their whole life. They are dynamic personalities and need change, from one man to another.

Affairs to bring back your lost confidence

It is a known fact that women who are lonely in their marriages suffer from low self confidence. This in turn promotes gives rise to the idea that perhaps it is time to go out to date and cheat on their husbands as they no longer pay attention to them. Most of the married women try out various methods to get their husbands’ attention, affection and love back and sad but true, most of them fail.
This behaviour acts like getting a big blow on their ego and self-confidence which they need to bring back as soon as possible. Getting rejected by your husband is very painful and most women deal with it by having affairs with strangers. Most of the married women having affairs suffer from this reason and starts dating just to bring back their lost confidence in themselves.

Want love and to connect with someone emotionally

When you see married women looking for fun you frown upon them but what you miss to understand is that may be all they are looking for is some love and someone with whom they can connect on an emotional level. For most women love and sex vanishes after few years of marriage and nothing is the same for them anymore. The love and physical intimacy which they lack with their spouses they tend to find it in someone else.

Got cheated? Now you cheat on your husband

Yes, it’s true. Many housewives who are neglected by their husbands start dating and cheating on their husbands as at some point of time their husbands had cheated on them. This is a way for the married ladies to take revenge on their spouses. In these cases no emotion except anger is present which helps them to finally get the retribution which they seek for.