Married but Looking for More in Ashburn: Married Dating and Having an Affair

Marriage Isn’t Forever

When I married my wife, I honestly thought I had finally found it all. Not only was she smart, funny and outgoing, but she was super hot, too. I’m pretty sure you felt the same way when you got married, right? After all, no one ties the knot with one woman while planning an affair with another. Almost twenty years down the road, though, I can’t honestly call myself “happily married.” My wife’s not the woman she once was, and these past two decades have taken their toll on me as well. I’d like to stay with her until the kids are off to college, but I don’t plan to stick around forever. Last year, I finally came to terms with the fact that I fall into that fickle “married but looking” dating category.

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Married, but Looking in All the Wrong Places!

The quest I set out on was as old as time itself; I was married but looking for an affair. Yes, my wife was still a presence in my life, but I was fundamentally unfulfilled. I was married but lonely, looking for not only fulfilling companionship, but a smouldering-hot physical connection as well. The sex with my wife had become a scheduled bi-weekly chore that neither she nor I enjoyed. To be honest, I was looking to fulfill some of my life-long fantasies as well. As a teen, I had always fantasized about winning over older women, whether they were schoolteachers or my friends’ mothers. Right or wrong, the idea of married women looking to cheat on their husbands with me turned me on immensely. I knew at that point that I’d be separating from my wife eventually, so I didn’t feel guilty about finally diving into the world of scandalous affairs. At 45, it was finally hitting me that I wouldn’t be around forever. Regardless of my marital status, I was going to find sexual and emotional fulfillment.

At first I tried meeting up with some local women for drinks. Unfortunately I come from a relatively small town, so my dating prospects were limited. I was uneasy with the idea of carrying on with women that my wife and friends knew, too. To make things easier on myself I decided to shift my focus onto the digital frontier. I signed up with a bunch of big-name dating sites, listing all of my information and posting some high-quality pictures of myself. Unfortunately, the women on these sites weren’t exactly thrilled by my brutal honesty; any mention of my marital status sent them running for the hills. I scoured these sites for married women looking to cheat, but all I found were dozens of 20-somethings looking for their first shot at love. It was then that I realized that I’d only find what I was looking for on a site catering to those who were like me, married but looking for an affair.

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Strike One: My First Experience with a “Married but Looking” Website

Having struggled to find a forum in which my marital status was widely accepted, I decided to take things a little more slowly while pursuing other online dating options. I signed up for one popular “married but looking” website, hoping to finally find what I was looking for. Though the pool of women on this site was immense, I found that most of them were seeking true love and a long-term connection. After twenty years of marriage I was looking for something more casual and physically-charged than what these women were offering. The site was difficult to navigate as well, and left me frustrated in more ways than one. I read up on a few other sites, but I wasn’t comfortable with what many of them were charging. Finally, I found an alternative site and decided to throw my hat in the ring once more.

At Last! Married Women Looking for Affairs

Right off the bat I knew that this site would be better suited to me than the rest. This website specifically stated that many of its users were married and looking to have an affair, just as I was. As soon as I had registered for the site I found myself skimming through the profiles of women that sounded like good matches for me. Many of the women on the site were very forward, sending me messages and initiating conversation with me, which was both flattering and sexy. Thanks to this site I was finally able to connect with married women looking to cheat. I met up with a few of the women living in my area and was thrilled to find that their interests were not just emotional but physical as well. This site gave me the chance to truly experience the sexual passion of having affairs with other women. My only complaint is that some of the women I met were only interested in a one-night stand. Who would have thought that my affairs would leave me wanting more commitment out of a woman, huh?!

After finding this website, I no longer feel the need to use any other dating site. The breadth of sexy, sophisticated married women on this site far exceeds what I’ve found anywhere else on the internet. Though the site occasionally has fewer listings than others, the quality of its users more than makes up for this. Scrolling through dozens of irrelevant singles’ profiles is now a thing of the past.

I’m grateful that I finally came across this website, which I plan to use even once I’m no longer “married but looking”. Finally, I’ve been able to fulfill my fantasy of having an affair with a married woman. All I can tell you is that it’s even better than I would have imagined!

If you’re looking to find that physical connection with someone again, I highly recommend checking out this site. Once you’ve seen what they have to offer, there’s no turning back!

See you inside,

Ernest Mitchell from Ashburn, Virginia.

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