What are the Reasons Behind – Married but Want an Affair?

There are various reasons behind why people who are married but want an affair. The psychology of men and women works in two different ways. The cases of having extra marital affairs are rising in numbers day by day as more and more percentage of married people are becoming unhappy and frustrated with their married life and constantly juggling their family and work together.

Reasons for affairs by married women

You will find several women who are married but lonely and looking for some comfort which they are not receiving from their spouses. Nowadays women are also extremely career-oriented and trying to balance their career as well as their family just like the men population. The work stress along with the disappointed married life can sometimes become too much for a woman to take.
Women who all fall under the category of married but dating have more than one reason to take such a step. The reasons to look for affairs in women differ from one person to another. The first and most common reason is being the heartbroken lonely housewife.
The husbands of these women do not pay attention to them or give them any importance, they do not even bother to know whether they exist or not. As a result the wives become panicky, always willing to please their husbands so that they get some affection and love. Soon they fail in their efforts and come under the group of women who are married, lonely but cheat on their husbands.
There are also various classes of women who are married but looking due to reasons like taking revenge on their spouses for cheating on them. Having an affair is like getting back at them and make them feel what the wives have felt when they came to know that the significant others have cheated on them with another woman. These women do not look for love or any kind of a physical or emotional attachment. Having an affair is like a one-time thing for them.

Reasons for men married but want an affair

Men have a whole set of different reasons altogether to have extra marital affairs. The main reasons for men who are married but dating out of the confines of their marriage is to have a greater chance of physical intimacy and enjoy an active sex life. Past few years of marriage the romance and intimacy takes a downfall. The whole idea of going into a physical relation with a woman other than your wife is a big turn on for the men population.
Men belonging to the group married but want an affair usually takes such a step as dating another woman as they want to assure themselves that they still have what it takes to me a confident and charming man. Getting girls after married and having an affair with them reassures the man that he has still got it within him and his ego and self esteem takes a big leap. Also the thought of trying out new stuff with the woman he is having an affair with excites every man whether they agree to it or not.