What Type of Men Falls under The ‘Married Cheating’ Category?

Men are now classified into either ‘happily married’ or ‘married cheating’ categories. These are the only types of married men you will find in the society. Happily married are the ones, rather the fewer ones who are loyal and faithful to their wives and are happy with their marriage and the married years. These types of men exist but in a quite smaller group than the married and cheating ones.

In the recent years you will find men who fall under the category of married and dating more in number due to the various issues related to their married lives. Few of the main and crucial issues regarding problems after marriage are lack of compatibility between one another, lack of compromising, lack of trust and respect between each other, work pressure creating problems at home and not having the much needed time to spend with each other.
There are many reasons which lead a man to be married but looking for ways to cheat his wife by having an affair with another woman. These reasons are primarily divided in to six factors of cheating.

Lack of similarities and more differences of opinion

During the first couple of years of marriage, the couple tries to work things out according to one other by means of compromising and adjusting to situations and surroundings. But as times goes on with all the job pressure and pressure of managing children the ability to adjust and compromise disappears. This leads to lack of similarities and sudden change in the attitude of the husband and wife both. Hence the husband being married but lonely tends to find another women than to be at home and work out the differences with his wife.
Many a times it happens that the husband not liking the way things are going on with his spouse acts aloof from his wife and behaves coldly. Rather than sharing with his wife what are the things he did not like or what are the things that troubled him, the husband acts all distant and detached. At a certain point of time he, not being able to take the pressure and frustration any more, goes out and looks for a woman with whom he can share his problems without any fear or hesitation, thus coming under the class of married cheating.

Afraid to show the emotional side to his spouse

Lots of men will agree to the fact that they hesitate to show their spouse their emotional side as they do not want their wives to feel that their husbands are less of a man in anyway. This creates a lot of problem between the man and his wife as the husband trying to hide his emotional and sensitive side behaves rudely and without affection with the spouse making them feel avoided and unwanted.
Men fearing to show their true sensitive feelings to their spouses find it easier to show it to any other women as she is not his wife. For this reason men married but lonely look for other women to open up their hearts in front of them which they are afraid to do in front of their spouses.